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HID DigitalPersona® IAM Software

The HID Digital Persona software (formerly known as Crossmatch) offers an array of easily deployable authentication methods, so users can quickly and easily gain access to their cloud applications, such as Microsoft 365, VPNs, corporate networks, Windows desktops, Citrix applications and more. Balancing security and usability, our solution employs one of the widest arrays of authentication factors in the industry. This includes one-time passwords, mobile-based push, smartcards, USB keys, risk- and context-based methods, tokens, and biometrics, such as fingerprint, face, and behavioral keystroke

The HID Digital Persona Single Sign-On solution is offered in both a Perpetual License and a Subscription based model.  Implementation services are typically 2-3 days depending upon the number of users and scope of the implementation.  Badges, badge readers or other authentication hardware are not included in the subscription price, and are thus listed as a one-time line item expense in any quotes.

Single Sign-On User Features:

  • Strong and two-factor authentication for Windows logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), & Emergency Access
  • Strong and two-factor authentication for kiosk/shared workstation logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), and Emergency Access
  • Single Sign-On to Windows, Applications, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Enroll Once – Authenticate Anywhere – Enables smooth roaming between systems throughout the infrastructure
  • Emergency Access using challenge & response for immediate access to the desktop
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) using challenge and response to reset PINs or Windows password
  • Password management synchronization with Active Directory
  • OTP generation and validation for VPNs and browser-based application
  • Risk-Based PIN and Password policy that reduce the number of PIN and Password entries that are required
  • Password elimination

Single Sign-On Management Features:

  • User lifecycle management: enrollment, replacement, recovery, revocation, suspension, deletion, termination, etc. of authentication methods
  • Self-Service or administrative driven workflows for user life-cycle management
  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • User and administrator policy management
  • Machine policy management
  • PIN policy management
  • Password policy management
  • Challenge & Response policy management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) policy management
  • Audit, logging, and reporting

Authentication Acessories

Biometric Fingerprint Readers – Learn More
provide quick and reliable biometric authentication by leveraging proven technology, from swipe sensors found in millions of laptops to government certified touch sensors. Lots of choices to select from depending upon use case and budget.

DigitalPersona Crossmatch Biometric Reader

Feitian Multipurpose Fingerprint Cards – Learn More
The card can be used in many ways including access control, banking & payment, authentication systems etc. Once registered, user’s fingerprint data will be securely stored and matched inside the fingerprint card. It will not reveal to any person or software about the user’s sensitive biometric data.

Feitian Fingerprint Payment Card

Feitian Passwordless FIDO/FIDO2 Tokens – Learn More
Provides a new era of ubiquitous, phishing-resistant, strong authentication passwordless tokens that are afordable for all internet users worldwide.  Not just for Windows, Linux, macOS on PC, with BLE & NFC interfaces, MultiPass FIDO® Security Key is the best companion for iOS and Android on mobile devices.

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RF Ideas badge readers – Learn More
Solution Synergy, an RFIDeas Engage Integrator partner, provides RFID card readers such as pcProxPlus, BLE Bluetooth, Nano, EPCS, Istop and secure print solutions.

WAVE-ID-_Plus_Front_0373 360x200

KSI Security & Infection Control Keyboards – Learn More
KSI designs and engineers its keyboards with embedded RF Ideas badge readers, biometric fingerprint readers, and its unique enterprise infection control technology called San-a-Key® and LinkSmart®. 


HID Global Id Cards & Credentials – Learn More
HID provides the industry’s broadest range of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags and keyfobs. As part of its portfolio, HID offers non technology IDs as well as single technology, multi technology, and contact chip-based smart cards.

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