Stealth Network Access Security

Designed from its inception to protect and secure communications for the United States intelligence community, VirnetX MATRIX is now available as a Zero-Trust “Stealth” Network Access service to the healthcare industry, where protecting sensitive personal health information, and minimizing the risk of a ransomware attack is critical. Easily deliver a modern, secure ZTNA, seamless user experience across your remote workforce without the need of traditional public VPN technology or costly Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM).

Applications protected by VirnetX MATRIX are only visible and accessible to authorized users and their authenticated devices, dramatically reducing the potential attack surface itself, and the risk of cyber attacks to your enterprise.  Hackers can’t infiltrate a network that they can’t see. 

VirnetX’s Secure Domain Name Technology literally removes your public internet communications from the public domain, making your network invisible, and undetectable by hackers.  Its fast and easy to secure remote access to a variety of healthcare applications and user environments, all while segmenting your network in an isolated, Zero Trust software based way. that provides granular security control.

City, State, Local Government

Healthcare Industry

Higher Education & Universities

VirnetX Matrix Zero Trust Network Security Benefits:

  • Removes the Attack Surface & Eliminates Any Lateral Network Movement:
    Create a truly private, closed, virtual connection from a specific user and their device, extended through to a specific application only (like Epic, Cerner or Meditech), without any potential lateral access to the rest of the network, or unauthorized applications.
  • Renders your Network Infrastructure Undetectable & Invisible to Hackers
    VirnetX utilizes an advanced Secure DNS to make your network undetectable, invisible, and more secure, so cyber criminals can’t find you in the first place.
  • Securely Connects Users Directly to an Application, Not Your Physical Network
    VirnetX provides embedded, mutual X.509 authentication which requires both the user and device to be authenticated before allowing a virtual connection to the requested application. We never allow anyone to connect to your physical network, like traditional VPN’s.
  • Dynamic Security Credentials That Change Every Time You Access Applications.
    No need for costly 3rd party vendor privileged Access Management (VPAM) solutions with rotating password vaults because VirnetX utilizes dynamic X.509 certificates which automatically change every time someone accesses their applications. 
  • Renders Stolen Credentials from Phishing Attacks into Useless Data
    VirnetX requires that the user and their laptop both pass X.509 authentication tests before allowing any virtual connection to your organization.  If an employee or 3rd party contractor has accidentally fallen for a phishing attack and provided their username and password to a hacker, VirnetX will mitigate the attack due to the hacker not having the user’s laptop to authenticate with, so the credentials become useless to the hacker.
VirnetX vs. Cisco ROI Case Study
City of Bridgeport, WV
VirnetX Matrix
Product Demonstration Video (18:00)
VirnetX Matrix
Data Sheet
VirnetX MATRIX Zero Trust Network Security
MATRIX Standard


  • 10 protected applications each with a Secure Domain
  • Access for 100 unique users per application
  • Maximum 2 devices per user
VirnetX MATRIX Zero Trust Network Security
MATRIX Professional


  • 25 protected applications each with a Secure Domain
  • Access for 250 unique users per application
  • Maximum 3 devices per user
VirnetX MATRIX Zero Trust Network Security
MATRIX Enterprise


  • Starting at 500 users minimum
  • Unlimited protected applications each with a Secure Domain
  • Unlimited devices per user

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