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Envoy Data Corporation

Envoy Data Corporation

IT Data Security Solutions
Gilbert, AZ
Envoy Data Corporation is a value-added distributor of IT data security solutions. Since 1993, we’ve combined our solid distribution channel and technology expertise to meet our clients IT security needs.

Certificate Lifecycle, Application Delivery Automation, NetOps & SecOps Automation

Certificate, Security & Network Operations Automation
Seattle, WA 98109
AppViewX is revolutionizing the manner in which NetOps and SecOps teams deliver services to the rest of Enterprise IT. The AppViewX Platform is a modular, low-code software application that enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow. Leveraging a vast library of pre-built tasks and workflows, the platform enables Ops teams to quickly and easily translate business requirements into automation workflows that improve agility, enforce compliance, eliminate errors, and reduce cost.
Securolytics IoT Device Security

Securolytics IoT Device Security

IoT Device Security
Enabling the Internet of Trusted Things, Securolytics provides hospitals, companies and manufacturing facilities with Internet of Things (IoT) security software that helps ensure service delivery. Securolytic’s new approach is does not require a full network tap, transfering sensitive data to the cloud. It allows IT Security to use their "Smart Block" technology, and is priced on the number of employees, not the number of devices in your organization.
RF Ideas ID Card Readers

RFIDeas Card Readers - Physical & Logical

Identity Badge Readers for physical and logical security systems.
Rolling Meadows, IL
RF IDeas, founded in 1995, is the innovator of WaveID®, the new standard for door access card-based authentication and identification solutions powered by RF IDeas readers for non-door applications! Under the WaveID umbrella, RF IDeas designs, develops, and manufactures a complete line of pcProx® card readers that support nearly every proximity and contactless smart card in use worldwide. RF IDeas readers come in many form factors and are used in numerous applications and OEM solutions including: attendance management, multi-function printers, mobile, physical access, manufacturing, dispensing, kiosks, point-of-sale and computer logon. In addition to pcProx readers, RF IDeas also offers magnetic stripe card readers, Wiegand Converters, and Software Developer Kits.
KSI Embedded RFID & Biometric Security Keyboards

KSI Embedded Security & Infection Control Keyboards

Healthcare Security keyboards
Oakland, CA 94621
KSI manufactures world-class, award-winning peripherals for all types of businesses, large and small, with a strong emphasis on selling life-saving infection control and security products to the healthcare market. KSI’s mission is to empower healthcare to save patient lives, increase productivity, and protect consumer data by providing high quality, innovative clinical desktop security and infection control peripherals.
HID Global Secure Identity Solutions

HID Global, Inc.

Secure Identity Solutions
Austin, TX
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 2,200 employees worldwide with international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global has production facilities in North America, South America, Asia and Europe, as well as research and development centers all over the world. Products include Physical Access Control, Identity Assurance Solutions, Secure Issuance Solutions, Government to Citizen ID solutions, Visitor Management, Embedded solutions and Identification Technologies.
Identity Automation - Rapid Identity IAM SSO

Identity Automation

Identity Access Management Security
Houston, TX
Since 2004, Identity Automation has focused on intelligently automating provisioning, access, and account management. It’s our mission to securely put control of these crucial tools in the hands of the users who need it most — employees and managers. At the heart of every organization, managing complex systems for multiple users and granting secure access to the right people at the right time is paramount. But it’s often difficult, which can lead to IT bottlenecks and productivity drains or, worse, severe lapses in security and data privacy. That’s why we built a brand-new system focused on solving identity management once and for all with sophisticated technology and automation. From the get-go, our new RapidIdentity software platform was designed to be intuitive, lightning-fast, easy to install, and easier to use — for everybody (not just advanced IT technicians). Ever since, we’ve never stopped improving, making our solutions even more powerful and seamless for organizations of all types and sizes.
Gemalto Security Solutions


The largest and most respected brands around the world have trusted SafeNet to protect their data, identities, and intellectual property for more than 30 years. Today, Safenet secures the authenticity of your banking transactions, safeguards your health records, protects the purchase of your morning cup of coffee, and helps organizations to control risk, manage security, and maintain compliance. Organizations have trusted SafeNet for data protection solutions for more than 25 years.
Cyflare Managed Security Services, SEIM, SOC, MDR

CyFlare 7x24 Cyber-Security

CyFlare Cyber-Security Services, SOC & MDR Services
Rochester, New York
CyFlare provides a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), and Monitor, Detect, & Respond (MDR) services based out of Rochester, NY that leverages best of breed tools, emerging security technologies and world class human talent to solve cyber security problem for customers globally.CyFlare offers Managed Security Services for individual point products or for an entire environment.
Thales Security Solutions


Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data encryption solutions to the financial services, high technology manufacturing, government and technology sectors. With a 40-year track record of protecting corporate and government information, Thales solutions are used by four of the five largest energy and aerospace companies, 22 NATO countries, and they secure more than 70 percent of worldwide payment transactions.

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