Zingbox IoT Biomedical Security Videos

IoT Device Security is an entirely different animal compared to traditional Network Access Control, Firewall, vLans, and other layer 3 security technologies, as evidenced by Gartner creating a new security classification group specifically for IoT Medical Devices.  Solution Synergy offers the following ZingBox IoT Video Clips as a quick way to learn why this is so different.

Zingbox IoT Security Video #1
Understanding Why Device Context is So Important in IoT Security:  (7:11)

ZingBox IoT Security Video #3
How Does Device Behavior Prevent Potential IoT Security Risks?:  (6:53)

ZingBox IoT Security Video #5
Quickly Creating Security Policies For Existing & Future IoT Devices:  (3:11)

ZingBox IoT Security Video #2 
Looking Under The Covers of Windows OS Devices:  (4:02)

ZingBox IoT Security Video #4
Alerts! Deviations in IoT Normal Behavior: (3:34)
Detecting Risks When They First Knock On Your Door 

ZingBox IoT Security Video #6
Reports, Device Utilization & Integration with SEIMS, Asset Management Systems:  (5:52)