ZingBox – IoT Medical Device Security

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ZingBox – IoT Medical Device Security

ZingBox offers an innovative IoT Medical Device Security solution called IoT Guardian to protect medical IT networks and ensure operational continuity and reliability of medical devices. The patent pending solution automatically discovers, identifies, and classifies connected medical devices for enhanced visibility and real-time risk analysis, without installing any agents.  IoT Guardian can proactively protect medical devices from internal threats as well as cyber-attacks. The ZingBox solution also offers real-time operational and forward-looking compliance capabilities.

IoT Guardian Key Benefits:

  • Discover IoT devices in the Network.
  • Classify IoT assets in to categories.
  • Assign a risk rating for each IoT device.
  • Identify anomalous device behaviors.
  • Identify zero-day attacks.
  • Maximize existing security investments via integration.

IoT Guardian Key Features:

  • Agent-less IoT discovery capability.
  • 70 + characteristics to assess device personality.
  • Patent-pending 3-Tier profiling
  • Integration with existing security solutions including SIEM and Firewalls.
  • HL7 Level monitoring, audits and reports with forward looking compliance tool sets.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of most Internet-connected medical devices, which includes infusion pumps, MRI machines, X-Ray machines, glucose meters, heart monitors, blood gas analyzers, and much more, consider cyber security as an afterthought. Security researchers are finding that medical devices are riddled with malware that allows for them to be misused by cyber-criminals in so many different ways, including providing a portal or gateway for lateral movement inside your hospital’s network.

Are you facing these IoT Security Challenges?

As organizations increasingly adopt and deploy new IoT devices, they quickly come to the realization that the traditional security solutions are simply not designed to cope with the unique characteristics of IoT devices, such as the following:

Device Context:
Traditional security solutions rely on recognition of operating systems, plug-ins, and installed applications to classify and provide device contexts. Unfortunately, context for IoT devices are not well understood. Identifying X-ray machines, infusion pumps, glucose meters are simply identified as a mere Windows-based device, which offers very little insight in to how best to manage and secure these devices.

ZingBox Solution:
IoT Guardian provides unparalleled visibility into your IoT assets. It first identifies every IoT device in the network. Based upon the detailed analytics of these personalities, it then classifies each device based on its function and behaviors. This enhanced visibility is available without installing or managing endpoint agents and is 100% transparent to the IoT devices.

Risk Assessment:
The risks of a device, according to traditional security solutions are often calculated by comparing the device behavior against the normal/trusted behaviors of a typical user. Such patterns are often used to detect viruses. Unfortunately, this approach cannot be applied to IoT devices. To accurately assess risk to IoT devices the security solution must have full knowledge of the device including its trusted and intended behaviors. Without such details., many organizations are relying on inaccurate risk assessments of their IoT assets.

ZingBox Solution:
IoT Guardian leverages machine learning to baseline acceptable behaviors of every IoT device including their communication patterns with other devices. ZingBox’s patent-pending technology analyzes over 70 device characteristics and leverages 3-Tier profiling to accurately determine each device’s unique personality. It can detect abnormal and anomalous activities fore each device based on the the deviation from the accepted norm. Every IoT device is automatically assigned a risk rating, enabling organizations to easily identity the devices requiring immediate attention.

Traditional security solutions rely on tools such as Enterprise System Management (EMS) for laptops and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for mobile devices to manage and upgrade end-point devices. These solutions ensure that the latest patch and best-practice configurations are enforced. Unfortunately this approach is not applicable to IoT devices. IoT devices are purpose-built and not designed to be serviceable by end-users. Any attempt to upgrade their software or even impede their communication can led to unpredictable, potentially life threatening behaviors.

ZingBox Solution:
IoT Guardian continuously monitors an organization’s network for abnormal or anomalous activities and upon detection, isolates or quarantines the device. Through the integration with SIEM and other security solutions, IoT Guardian can trigger real-time action to minimize the risk to the organization and other IoT devices. Unlike pattern/signature-based solutions, IoT Guardian can also detect zero-day attacks.

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