Authentication with Single Sign-On

Identity Automation’s Single Sign-On (SSO) was born out of the belief that security works best when it operates seamlessly within the processes users already expect to experience. Within those confines, RapidIdentity enables greater adoption of authentication throughout organizations large and small. Authentication methods are quick to install, simple to understand, and easy to use with RapidIdentity.

The Identity Automation Single Sign-On solution is a subscription based model, that includes all product features, maintenance and ongoing updates, starting at $65 per user per year.  Multi-year discounts are also available.  Implementation services are typically 2-3 days depending upon the number of users and scope of the implementation.  Badges, badge readers or other authentication hardware are not included in the subscription price, and are thus listed as a one-time line item expense in any quotes. Hosting services, Thin-client workstations, and other infrastructure components are available upon request.

Single Sign-On User Features:

  • Strong and two-factor authentication for Windows logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), & Emergency Access
  • Strong and two-factor authentication for kiosk/shared workstation logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), and Emergency Access
  • Single Sign-On to Windows, Applications, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Enroll Once – Authenticate Anywhere – Enables smooth roaming between systems throughout the infrastructure
  • Emergency Access using challenge & response for immediate access to the desktop
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) using challenge and response to reset PINs or Windows password
  • Password management synchronization with Active Directory
  • OTP generation and validation for VPNs and browser-based application
  • Risk-Based PIN and Password policy that reduce the number of PIN and Password entries that are required
  • Password elimination

Single Sign-On Management Features:

  • User lifecycle management: enrollment, replacement, recovery, revocation, suspension, deletion, termination, etc. of authentication methods
  • Self-Service or administrative driven workflows for user life-cycle management
  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • User and administrator policy management
  • Machine policy management
  • PIN policy management
  • Password policy management
  • Challenge & Response policy management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) policy management
  • Audit, logging, and reporting

Remote Mobile Phone Authentication

With PingMe, the clinician does not need to copy a One-Time Password (OTP) code, they simply enter their username and optional password into a website, SSL VPN, or a Windows logon. Once the username and optional password are verified, PingMe sends a push-notification to the user’s mobile device. The physician reviews the information and chooses to “approve” or “disapprove” the logon request. PingMe integrates with Apple, Android and Windows phones.

Feature Description

Identity Automation

Competitor SSO

How many multi-factor authentication methods can be simultaneously supported?

Mix up to Nine (9) different authentication methods simultaneously – Included at No Charge


Does the SSO solution support seamless integration support for the following:

  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • Microsoft

Yes, all three platforms are supported with seamless API integration included at no extra charge.


Does the SSO Solution support remote mobile device authentication using “Ping Me” and/or One-Time Password (OTP) features?

Rapid Identity SSO includes both “Ping-me” and One-Time Password (OTP) authentication features at no additional charge.


Does the SSO solution support “Fast User Switching” and “Roaming Sessions”?

Yes, both features are supported, and included at no additional charge.


Does the SSO Solution support a “Fade-to-Lock” feature that counts down the time before the workstation will be automatically locked due to inactivity?

Yes, and included at No additional Charge


Does the SSO Solution support Self Service Password Reset Features?

Yes, Included at no additional charge


Does the SSO Solution support enhanced security, advanced logging and auditing for:

  • Workstations on Wheels (WOW’s)
  • Bedside Terminals
  • Shared tablets
  • Shared nursing stations

Yes, all four are Included at No additional Charge


Biometric Fingerprint Readers

USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication by leveraging proven technology, from swipe sensors found in millions of laptops to government certified touch sensors. Lots of choices to select from depending upon use case and budget.

Fingerprint Reader

Dual Frequency Badge Readers

RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a dual frequency programmable card reader
Provides the advantages of reading both proximity and contactless smart cards in one reader. This reader allows users to leverage their employee ID badges, or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags or labels, for other forms of secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace.

Highly configurable technology allows the reader the capability of simultaneously handling any two of the available technologies — proximity or contactless. This multi-technology reader delivers flexibility to any customer, integrator or end user struggling with different card technologies. It’s ideal for enrollment into third party software or for single sign-on integrators.

As one of the most robust readers available today, the pcProx Plus is provided standard with four card configurations (two are pre-set; two are user definable) enabling an IT or security department to seamlessly integrate additional card types.  Additionally, the user-adjustable beeper volume lets users set the volume low or off for quiet zones or adjust the beeper volume to high in noisy work environments.

RFIDeas pcProx Nano “Small Form Factor” Reader:
The pcProx® Nano reader incorporates all the features of the desktop and surface mount readers into an ultra-compact USB format. Its small size makes it easy for embedding into monitor housings, connecting to printers or for the mobile worker – such as nurses moving from patient room to patient room, or doctors, traveling from surgery to patient’s bedside – to do their job while complying with organizational guidelines for authentication, identification and access.

Implementing a single sign-on (SSO) solution that utilizes the pcProx® Nano provides healthcare organizations with the following benefits:

  • Flexible Configuration – Allow users to leverage their 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz employee ID badges for secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace.
  • At the workstation: Nurses and doctors need to access confidential patient records on a day-to-day basis. Due to HIPAA laws, all of this data must remain secure. Implementing a pcProx® Nano reader, with its compact USB format allows healthcare providers to wave their badge near the reader to gain instant access to confidential records, while ensuring unauthorized individuals stay away.
  • In data collection:  When looking at data entry in healthcare, simple errors can be detrimental to patient’s health. That’s why every entry must be flawless. Using the pcProx® Nano can help increase accountability by tying data entry to an individual employee, while also providing authentication that limits unauthorized access to records.
  • Saving valuable time: Doctors and nurses constantly are on the go. Moving from room to room, healthcare providers cannot be bothered with cumbersome login applications. Installing a pcProx® Nano to bedside computers allows healthcare providers to access records instantaneously, allowing them to spend more time with patients and less time on administrative activities.

Embedded Dual Frequency Keyboard

KSI-1700 SX HB-16 with RFIDeas 125kHz & 13.56Mhz Dual Frequency Reader:
KSI San-a-Key® keyboards feature a low profile, sealed key switch array that can be disinfected using EPA-approved germicidal wipes. Our San-a-Key® Badge Keyboard reads most common physical access badges, allowing users to reuse building badges to logon to a desktop computer.  RFIDeas Keyboard integration allows for a clean, uncluttered desktop, longer life, and less chance of a standalone reader being stolen, broken, or lost.

KSI-Keyboard2 cropped

Popular Identification Badges

The ISOProx II Card (125 Mhz)
offers proximity card technology with photo identification capability on a single access control card. It is ISO 7810 compliant, with a nominal thickness of .030″. The card features a graphics quality surface optimized for Photo ID printing, and is available in standard PVC construction, or a composite polyester/PVC construction for more demanding high wear and tear environments.

Key Features of the 202x iCLASS Proximity Smart Card:iCLASS® Prox Proximity Smart Card combines iCLASS smart card technology and HID 125 kHz Proximity technology in a single ISO standard thickness smart card. This enables contactless smart card applications to be added to existing HID Prox access control systems. iCLASS smart card technology was specifically designed to make access control more powerful, more versatile, and ensures high security access control with mutual authentication between smart card and reader. iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability in applications such as access control, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance, event management and biometric identification

Crescendo® C1150 Converged Access Smart Card:
Offering out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for network and computer access (such as login to workstations and laptops or web-based applications requiring cryptographically protected operation), the C1150 delivers a cost-effective solution that also eliminates the need for the cardholder to carry multiple credentials or remember multiple passwords and PINs. It also serves as an employee ID and access control for buildings.

For physical access, the cards are available in a variety of RFID interfaces to accommodate the majority of physical access requirements, ensuring maximum interoperability with existing and future deployments.

Iclass only 04-26-17

Contact Solution Synergy directly at (480) 767-7660

Contact Solution Synergy directly at (480) 767-7660