IoT Device Security & Management

Manufacturers of most Internet-connected medical devices, such as infusion pumps, glucose meters, heart monitors, blood gas analyzers, and much more, consider cyber security as an afterthought. Security researchers are finding that medical devices are riddled with malware that allows for them to be misused by cyber-criminals in so many different ways, including providing a portal or gateway for lateral movement inside your hospital’s network.

Securolytics offers an innovative IoT Medical Device Security solution to protect medical IT networks and ensure operational continuity and reliability of medical devices. The Securolytics solution automatically discovers, identifies, and classifies connected medical devices for enhanced visibility and real-time risk analysis, without installing any agents.  It can also proactively protect medical devices from internal threats as well as cyber-attacks, offering real-time operational, and forward-looking compliance capabilities.

IoT Medical Device Challenges

  • No security preventing hackers from intercepting patients personal health information
  • Identifying all Un-discovered & non-managed devices
  • Insufficient risk assessment and threat detection
  • No effective real-time monitoring or security controls
  • Manually tracking devices with outdated spreadsheets

Securolytics Key Benefits:

  • Discover IoT devices in the Network.
  • Classify IoT assets in to categories.
  • Assign a risk rating for each IoT device.
  • Identify anomalous device behaviors.
  • Identify zero-day attacks.
  • Maximize existing security investments via integration.

Visibility – Real-time connected device inventory

Many organizations have old, outdated medical device lists that are still being manually updated in spreadsheets.  When auditing their inventory, they physically have to go searching for a device, room to room to verify it exists, and where it is located.


Device Utilization – over or under utilized resources.

Many organizations have to rent additional fluid pumps or other patient related devices because they don’t have accurate, real-time device utilization information. regarding what they have in their existing inventory or where unused devices are located. They could have an extra fluid pump machine not being used because it is hidden somewhere. Time is everything so they find it faster and easier to rent another fluid pump, when they really didn’t need it

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