Deep learning technology, detecting suspicious activities for a vast variety of
medical devices, enforcing trust, and preventing the network from zero-day attacks.
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Deep learning technology, detecting suspicious activities for a vast variety of
medical devices, enforcing trust, and preventing the network from zero-day attacks.
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IoT Device Security & Remediation

Manufacturers of most Internet-connected medical devices, such as infusion pumps, glucose meters, heart monitors, blood gas analyzers, and much more, consider cyber security as an afterthought. Security researchers are finding that medical devices are riddled with malware that allows for them to be misused by cyber-criminals in so many different ways, including providing a portal or gateway for lateral movement inside your hospital’s network.

IoT Medical Device Challenges

  • No security preventing hackers from intercepting patients personal health information
  • Identifying all Un-discovered & non-managed devices
  • Insufficient risk assessment and threat detection
  • No effective real-time monitoring or security controls
  • Manually tracking devices with outdated spreadsheets

Securolytics Key Benefits:

  • Discover IoT devices in the Network.
  • Classify IoT assets in to categories.
  • Assign a risk rating for each IoT device.
  • Identify anomalous device behaviors.
  • Identify zero-day attacks.
  • Maximize existing security investments via integration.

Securolytics  offers an innovative approach to IoT device security as well as the deployment methodology necessary to protect medical IT networks, ensure operational continuity and reliability of medical devices. The Securolytics IoT security solution automatically discovers, identifies, and classifies connected medical devices for enhanced visibility, real-time vulnerability and threat analysis, without installing any agents.  It can also proactively protect medical devices from internal threats as well as cyber-attacks, offering real-time operational, and forward-looking compliance capabilities.

Differentiator #1 - SmartBlock 1-Click Remediation

SmartBlock technology provides a 1-Click native device control to optionally block specific ports, yet allow the IoT device to remain up and operating safely.

Differentiator #2 - Deployment Methodology

Network Traffic Data Tap Methodology vs. Securolytics Deployment Methodology

Many IoT Security solutions require deployment of multiple data collector appliances throughout the enterprise, using a “live network traffic tap”.  These appliances automatically collect, copy, and store all traffic data, including potentially sensitive ePHI/PII/PCI data on the data collector’s internal hard drive.  The data is then filtered and only the necessary Meta data is transferred securely from the vendor’s data collector, to the vendors cloud for further IoT Security analysis.

While competing IoT security vendors all guarantee that no sensitive data will ever escape the data collector appliance, the fact remains that each data collector will store full network traffic packets with potential ePHI/PII/PCI data, posing an additional security risk. Why add this level of exposure and risk to your organization? This is risk posture is significantly compounded when you require additional appliances to cross communicate over complex vLan/Subnet architectures.

Securolytics Deployment Advantages - Faster, less complex and lower costs

In contrast, Securolytics utilizes Layer 3 routing DHCP and DNS data logs that eliminates the need for multiple data collectors. We typically only install one data collector appliance or sometimes two (2) appliances if the client requires “High Availability” for redundancy.

Most importantly, Securolytics does not touch, collect or store any ePHI/PII/PCI sensitive data, completely avoiding any added security risks associated with a Live Network Data Traffic Tap. The Securolytics appliance is already preconfigured for DHCP, auto activates in minutes, and immediately begins the device discovery, vulnerability and threat detection process. As a result, Securolytics is faster, less complex to deploy, and easier to manage and maintain.

Securolytics Hospital IoT Medical Device SecurityCase Study

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