Zero-Trust Network Security

Designed from its inception to protect and secure communications for the United States intelligence community, VirnetX is now providing Zero-Trust Network Access protection services to the healthcare industry, where protecting sensitive personal health information is critical.

FACT: Zero-Trust Network Access Security solutions are designed to prevent external breaches, particularly from insecure IoT devices, patient portals, token based VPN’s, and other remote access applications.

For example, There are many IoT device security solutions which perform IoT asset discovery, as well as identify vulnerabilities and known threats. Manually remediated all of those threats and vulnerabilities is very time consuming, particularly when you have limited IT Security staff.  None of these IoT device security solutions add Zero-Trust Network Access Protection to prevent hackers from infiltrating or evenseeing your IoT device network in the first place. 

Reduce Your Attack Vector Vulnerability!  

Make your Network Attached IoT devices, Patient Portals, & your external facing infrastructure invisible to hackers.

VirnetX Software Solutions

Gabriel Collaboration Suite

  • Collaboration Suite Includes:
    Messaging, Mail, Gateway, Voice, File Share, Sync
  • Suite of services to communicate, share files and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Meet regulatory requirements by using Gabriel Collaboration Suite to securely communicate with your:






Gabriel Secure Gateway

  • Easily  create a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your internet accessible communications.
  • VPN technology to secure web applications and patient portals
  • Secure any device or platform
  • Approve devices to access company applications
  • Security, management and access control

VirnetX Secure Technology

VirnetX Secure Gateway:

  • Gabriel Secure Gateway secures Internet accessible, third-party applications such as patient portals, or other web portals where you are exchanging information with trusted users.
  • Gabriel Secure Gateway encrypts the communications, authenticates users and provides real-time access control, without needing to modify the application or infrastructure settings.
  • Securely access applications, services and infrastructure regardless of location or network form authenticated IOS, Android, Windows, or Linux clients.
  • Can be used as a service by itself or as part of the the Gabriel Collaboration Suite.

Identity Access and Management:

  • Organizing users in to secure domains gives you control of their level of access and the gateway services available to them.  Single Sign-on (SSO) using Gabriel creates seamless access and provides an additional layer of security for automatically authenticating clients.

Gabriel Secure Domain Name Service:

  • Uses digital certificates to cryptographically authenticate and authorize user communications.
  • Once communication is authorized, the Secure Domain Name is resolved to a private IP address enabling point-to-point, encrypted communications between users and devices.

Network Device Security:

  • Provides additional security around the communications with networked devices such as IoT medical devices, security cameras, and other internet enabled infrastructure
  • Include a Gabriel device on the same network to encrypt all communications, authenticate users and provide real-time access control without having to modify the device or installation settings.

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